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someone do something about this heat

Somehow, despite the fact that Dirk has been at very least over a great deal of it, the actual scale of the country has never seemed to register. Eight hours down the line it certainly feels interminable, and now that the sun has dipped its lazy way below the horizon he doesn't even have the benefit of the passing countryside to pull his attention together. It's not awful, exactly, but he's still secretly pleased when Todd tells him he's had enough, and they pull off on the trail not of the next mystery but the next less-seedy motel. Not, of course, that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive. Lots of mysteries in hotels, certainly. To that they can both attest.

He's relieved enough to have something to do other than drum his fingers against the inside of his thigh that he's not even particularly perturbed to learn that, due to an unfortunate, peculiarly bovine incident (in truth rather frightening) -- this could only happen to you -- there's only one room available for the both of them. He can't say the same of Todd, but then what perturbs Todd is frequently mysterious too, insofar as the list of potential candidates is devastatingly long and not necessarily worth sifting through. Dirk is just happy to stretch his legs, circumambulating the lobby as they wait for their keys and listen to the faint promises drifting from behind the counter that their room doesn't smell too much like cow, probably.

Frankly, as long as there's a shower Dirk can't be fussed either way. Certainly he's slept in worse places. This is, perhaps, the source of the inordinate pleasure he takes in letting them in to their room -- cooled by a large, rattly, dusty-smelling air conditioner that seems to be older than the building itself, reasonably pleasantly decorated (no puce, at very absolutely least), no immediate signs of uncleanliness, and, best of all, a tiny refrigerator. Mystery located. Dirk will absolutely be investigating this mystery, which he's already decided to be adorable, but first and foremost, faced with a bed that isn't his and which he doesn't particularly have to care about, he does what he feels is logical. What anyone would do. He stands at the foot and flings himself backwards onto it, arms outspread and legs dangling over the end, letting out the Loudest Sigh Known to Man, auuuuugh, with which even his present company can surely agree. Augh. It's good to be spread out on his back rather than sat on his arse.

"They've even got a television!" Where have you stayed before this, Dirk, that didn't? Maybe it's best not to know. More probably it doesn't matter: there's enough to be overjoyed with without comparisons. It's a balmy evening, stillness against the motion of the moths throwing themselves at the light just outside their curtained little window, and as everyone knows, cows, like lightning, never strike twice. What more could a man ask?

"You know, Todd, I've got a good feeling about this. Top notch assisting, as always." And he means it, too, looks like he means it as he props himself up on his elbow and aims a sunny smile in Todd's direction. Unreasonably warm, perhaps, but then he feels unreasonably warm, and is quite satisfied with that state of affairs. Who knew he'd ever get to? Who could possibly have guessed?
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Todd is--well, simultaneously perturbed by the cow and not. One one hand, it's a cow. Through the window. A normal person, with a normal life, that involved barely keeping his head above water in a terrible job, mundanity only relieved by the most important person in his life who he's lying to, all the time, would be perturbed by such a thing.

On the other, this is his life now. He opts for sighing heavily, then finds himself in actually a little perturbed by the relish with which Dirk allows them passage into this palace of...not particularly impressiveness; it's like he's never been in a hotel before, and is now discovering all the things that everyone, no matter how many hotels they've been in, no matter their age, enjoys vastly about them: namely, yes, furniture you don't particularly have to care about. Also, stealing everything not nailed down.

"It's ...just a hotel, Dirk." Todd's tiny face all screwed up in bemusement, the pause trying to puzzle out why this is so important. The enthusiasm is kind of affectionate, though, as is the tone in which he adds: "And I'm not your assistant!"

The solution to all of this is to flop down next to his not!boss, mostly because he made doing it look really, really fun. "Admittedly this is pretty great."