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S̶v̶l̶a̶d̶ ̶C̶j̶e̶l̶l̶i̶ Dirk Gently ([personal profile] cacoethical) wrote in [community profile] asteism 2017-03-04 07:25 pm (UTC)

Bedsprings creak faintly as Dirk readjusts, turning onto his side and planting an elbow to prop his head up on his palm and look down at Todd with an utterly beatific smile. It's absolutely indulgent -- one must, of course, be indulgent with Todd, it's part and parcel of keeping him around, or at least of being a good friend to him. Dirk certainly does aim to be a good friend, indeed a very good friend, possibly -- dare he say it -- Todd's best friend, not that he actually has much competition in that department. Still, winning by default is no fun at all.

"Well, I tried promoting you but you weren't having it." Hardly his fault the title had stuck, is it? Ward had been right out. As had convoyer, chaperone, and sitter. Bit of a shame, really. Occasionally he does try out a new one, but so far, nothing has met with Todd's elusive approval.

Actually, on that note... "Squire?"

No, on second thought, probably not. He gives Todd's shoulder a gentle shove. "Come on, I'm not a terrible employer, am I? I even paid for the room with my own card."

With a carefully subtle flash of his driver's license and so much winking he probably only looked as though he had something in his eye. Hopefully it looked to Todd suitably hardboiled, and not as of someone trying to conceal an embarrassing secret. The very fortunate thing about being cursed with a difficult surname is that it's easy to interject a Gently between the Mr. and whatever was eventually going to leave a hypothetical stranger's mouth. Any dubiousness is easily explained: what the hell kind of name is Gently, anyway? Or Dirk, for that matter? The kind that saves him having to elaborate that no, he does not, in fact, vant to suck anyone's blood; has on the contrary had more than enough of his own in his mouth to know that it's absolutely foul and nobody should want that, regardless of where one's parents were born.

Nobody's actually asked, of course. All the same he lives in fear.

"And I paid for gas." So, checkmate, really.

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