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todd "orbs" brotzman ([personal profile] lypemania) wrote in [community profile] asteism 2017-03-04 02:09 pm (UTC)

Todd is--well, simultaneously perturbed by the cow and not. One one hand, it's a cow. Through the window. A normal person, with a normal life, that involved barely keeping his head above water in a terrible job, mundanity only relieved by the most important person in his life who he's lying to, all the time, would be perturbed by such a thing.

On the other, this is his life now. He opts for sighing heavily, then finds himself in actually a little perturbed by the relish with which Dirk allows them passage into this palace of...not particularly impressiveness; it's like he's never been in a hotel before, and is now discovering all the things that everyone, no matter how many hotels they've been in, no matter their age, enjoys vastly about them: namely, yes, furniture you don't particularly have to care about. Also, stealing everything not nailed down.

"It's ...just a hotel, Dirk." Todd's tiny face all screwed up in bemusement, the pause trying to puzzle out why this is so important. The enthusiasm is kind of affectionate, though, as is the tone in which he adds: "And I'm not your assistant!"

The solution to all of this is to flop down next to his not!boss, mostly because he made doing it look really, really fun. "Admittedly this is pretty great."

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